Peggy Everett

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on location

These are photos of Peggy and Friends painting and exploring all over the world.

Peggy with Andrew Peters


Workshop in Progress

Peggy and Gallery Owner Ann Whittle


After the Montana Show with fellow artists


Dwayne Thompson, gallery owner

Bow Season with Easel on 4 wheeler

getting the morning light while still in PJs

Peggy and Billy Bice at the Kids Fishing Rodeo

The Happy Camper

Ocean Forest, Sea Island, GA

The Cloister Show, Sea Island, GA

In Studio

Peggy and Beau

Opening of the new Humane Society with Peggy's painted bulldog to the left.


North Georgia


Painting in Colorado

Leo and Peggy in Florence, Italy

Painting in New Zealand


Peggy unveils new paintings


Lecturing at the Cloister

Peggy and Judy Kudlow


Painting in Jackson Hole


On the Arno


Peggy and Scott Christensen

Peggy with her dog Beau in the studio


Peggy and Tony Bennet in Figure Class

Peggy and Tony Bennett painting


Class in Canada

On the Arno

painting at Contentment Bluff


The Kids at Kutisi

Teaching art in Tiblisi

Peggy with Lynn Banks and Lana in the Rep. of Georgia

Artists at a Workshop





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